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About us



Established in 1999, MAX was created to provide Northland with fresh roasted coffee, and has gone on to become Northlands premium coffee roaster.  MAX coffee roasts the traditional way, using the eclectic and iconic Otto Swadlo rotary roaster, with no hi tech meddling.

Each and every batch of high quality beans is observed till roasted plump and smooth with the colour and sheen of melted chocolate, to ensure perfection every time. We only accept full flavour, body, aroma and of course, quality.


Some we use as single origin and others are combined to create blends which took over a year of tasting to perfect. The intensity of flavour is intrinsic in our blends – it’s captivating, addictive and worthy. The judges at the New Zealand Coffee Awards believe so too and honoured our unique blends with many awards including the coveted Supreme Award.

Adding to our NZ Gold Supreme Award, we have followed through by consistently winning at the NZ Coffee Awards in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Team MAX is confident we can help you in providing an exceptional experience and would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your coffee and equipment requirements. We would love the opportunity to provide you with our amazing product and look forward to working with you in the future

  • DAILY BLEND - Supreme Award Winner 2005 / 2006 NZ Coffee Awards
  • Gold Award Winner 2005/2006 – Best NZ Espresso
  • Silver Award Winner 2011/2012 – Best Supermarket Espresso
  • Bronze Award Winner 2011/2012 – Best Supermarket Plunger
  • Bronze Award Winner 2013/2014 – Best Supermarket Espresso
  • Silver Award Winner 2014/2015 – Best Supermarket Espresso
  • MORNING BLEND - Gold Award Winner 2005/2006 – Best Filter Plunger
  • Bronze Award Winner 2011/2012 – Best Flat White
  • Gold Award Winner 2014/2015 – Best Supermarket Plunger
  • #1 ORGANIC BLEND - Bronze Award Winner 2010/2011 - Best Ethically Traded
  • Silver Award Winner 2013/ 2014 - Best Organic
  • Silver Award Winner 2014/2015 - Best Organic
  • Silver Award Winner 2014/2015 - Best Ethically Traded
  • MAX YIRGACHEFFE - Bronze Award Winner 2014/2015 - Best Single Origin



Located in the Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand we import only 100% Arabica green beans from all corners of the world – South America, Indonesia and Africa, Once established in the local market MAX was one of the first boutique roasters to adorn supermarket shelves and offer a Fresh roasted coffee experience to its customers.

Since those humble beginnings MAX is proud to be a Northland born and bred company, still situated in Kerikeri, providing premium batch roasted coffee blends throughout NZ and Internationally.