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Max Coffee

Morning Blend


A powerful full-bodied aromatic wake-up call, blended with the finest South American and Melanesian beans.

Now available in Nespresso™ compatible capsules!


Special Blend



coffee-packsA unique

blend of beans

from the best Melanesian,

African andSouth

American producers.






Exotic Blend



coffee-packsA complex and

lively blend of beans from

the best Melanesian,

best Melanesian,

African and South American producers.







Organic Blend

coffee-packsSmooth and rich with hints of cocoa and rounded earthy tones.

Now available in Nespresso™ compatible capsules!

This coffee is bought Fair-Trade and grown organically from the finest estates around the world. A major crowd pleaser and a very strong selling café style roast with a long finish.

Timor Rosa


coffee-packsAn exciting new blend, the journey of these coffee beans starts thousands of kilometers away in the Highlands of East Timor and Western Honduras.  This coffee is certified Fair Trade and Organic. Rich and sweet, with hints of chocolate and nut, balanced with red apple and plum.

Max Decaf

coffee-packsSuperior Swiss


South American beans

give this

a well-balanced,

aromatic nose.

Now available in Nespresso

compatible capsules!

De-light Blend


A combination of Swiss Water Processed

Brazilian Decaf and Organic Fair Trade East Timor and Mandheling Arabica Beans.

Dark Blend

coffee-packsA rich and intense blend of beans from around the world,



roasted to the second crack.


coffee-packsGrown in the mountainous regions in central north western Colombia, this coffee is characterised by its sweet aroma and its clean and balanced flavour.


coffee-packsThe powerhouse of East African Coffee, renowned for their quality control, 

and highly educated and developed farming practices.

Sumatran Mandheling Organic

coffee-packsGrown on

the magical Indonesian island

of Sumatra,

this bean has

an intense exotic flavor

East Timor Organic

coffee-packsThis is a 100% Arabica

Fair Trade Organic

Single Origin Bean,

produced by

Café Timor Cooperative

Honduras Organic

coffee-packsThis is a 100% Arabica Fair Trade Organic Single Origin Bean, produced by Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada,